Top 10 Dog Tricks


Even cat lovers would admit dogs are superior when it comes to learning and performing tricks. With both the basic and the impressive in mind, here are the top ten tricks to teach your dog.

1. Fetch

Fetching is the quintessential dog trick, even compared with the standard sit, stay, and roll over. Training a dog to fetch allows both the dog and its owner the chance to go outdoors for some exercise, though it could be easily developed into useful tasks such as “fetch the dirty laundry,” “retrieve the newspaper,” or “bring me a beer.”

2. Speak

By rewarding their dogs with treats after one or two consecutive barks, owners can teach the dogs to bark or “speak” on command.

3. High Five

To the dog, a high five is not much more advanced than “stand.” To its audience, the former is a much cooler trick.

4. Dance

Standing and high fives lead naturally to dancing, with the owner and the dog holding hands and taking small steps together.

5. Help

It doesn’t take police canine training for a dog to learn to protect its owner.

6. Find

Misplaced keys? Kids hiding? Dogs can be trained to find objects and people.

7. Crawl

This may not be the most useful trick, but dogs are cute when they grovel.

8. Jumping through a Hoop

Not only is jumping through hoops a circus-worthy trick, but it can also be expanded to include jumping through the owner’s outstretched arms.

9. Skateboard

Dogs comfortable with sitting on skateboards can be taught to sit or stand on moving skateboards. From there, they may even learn to push off with their paws.

10. Using the Toilet

Although there is a size restriction for this trick, many owners have successfully trained their dogs to use the toilet and even flush afterwards — far more convenient than scooping.