Why Live Minimalistically?

Face it, we live in a world where most people love material items than exhilarating and eye-opening experiences. Most people would rather spend thousands of dollars on clothing than use that money towards education, the community, or traveling. If people do travel, they stay in the most extravagant places with the most luxurious services. Instead of exploring the new culture they’re in, they spend their time face planted into their smartphones, shopping, and browsing for new material possessions. It appears that a small amount of people have truly found how to cherish life.

So, how can someone cherish life more? By adopting a minimalistic lifestyle! The truth is, humans do not need material items to survive. In fact, we barely need anything to survive. Adopting a minimalistic lifestyle will help you engage with the world around you. But, before you turn your nose at the idea, here are eight reasons why you should live minimalistically.

1.) Focus on what’s important


The point of life is to find meaning, not to obtain the most stuff. But, when we purchase a seemingly endless amount of clothing, shoes, and objects, we can lose track of our lives. By eliminating all of the junk and excess clothes, we are creating space for the important things of life.

2.) Freedom


It seems like people are always worried about losing their stuff. But, if you eliminated the unnecessary material items out of your life, then you will also lose a great amount of worry. Freedom from a minimalistic life will also take other forms. Such as, the freedom you’ll feel when you will no longer have to overwork to afford the newest and hottest item.

3.) Objects can’t give you happiness

We all know the phrase that money can’t buy happiness. People who give in to consumerism often say that money can buy them material objects and that’s close to happiness. Sure, an item may provide you with initial comfort or satisfaction, but that feeling will not last. Material objects provide people with false happiness. After all, when you’re on your deathbed, who is going to comfort you? Your material objects or your family and friends?

4.) Overall peace of mind

This relates to the subject of freedom. Like we said before, having an abundance of material objects creates stress and anxiety about losing them. But, if we get rid of our material items, we will no longer have that immense amount of stress and anxiety. Instead, we will have an open space in our mind that can be used for calmness and peacefulness.

5.) Say goodbye to fear of failure

When we value material objects over life experiences and other important things, we often have a strong fear of failure. We feel obligated to push ourselves to work harder so we can afford the most expensive house, car, clothing, and technology. If we see someone with more expensive and luxurious we are typically jealous and feel as if we failed. But, if you live minimalistically, you won’t have those feelings. You will be happy and grateful for what you have.

6.) Importance of health and hobbies

Spending less time shopping and overworking so you can afford those material items will allow you to discover the importance of health and hobbies. You will finally have enough time to start that project you have always wanted to do, join that club you’ve always been interested in, or do any other thing that interests you. You will also have enough time to learn about the wonders and benefits of working out on a daily basis.

7.) Happiness

The autumn flower of sun flare.

If you rearrange your priorities from material objects to life and experiences you will see an increased amount of happiness. You will be able to focus on building and mending relationships, which are the true creation of happiness.

8.) Increased confidence

Material objects provide false confidence. Confidence has to come from a pure and happy place. By living minimalistically, you will be able to develop your individual taste and a level of self-reliance you weren’t able to develop before. This will boost your confidence to unimaginable levels, and ultimately help you maintain happiness.